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Used Car Checklist


Congrats! You’re finally beginning the search for the perfect vehicle that’ll make your commutes near Marlton, Mount Laurel, and Cherry Hill even more enjoyable.

Luckily, the team of experts at Burns Honda is here to make the process of finding the right car even more efficient with this Used Car Checklist.

Thanks to the helpful tips and tricks found in this guide, you’ll know exactly what to look for once you arrive at our used car showroom. That way, you can make sure that you’re choosing the pre-owned automobile that’s perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Let’s get started!

At the Showroom

First thing’s first: When you arrive at your local dealership, you want to do a quick inspection of the most important aspects of your used car.

  • Examine the Exterior: Take a closer look at your preferred pre-owned automobile’s details, such as its paint. Keep an eye out for any dents, rust, scratches, or cracks in the windshield. If you do notice anything like this, make sure to mention it to your dealer.
  • Inspect the Cabin: Sit behind the wheel of your used car and verify that there aren’t any upholstery tears, stains, or strange smells. You’ll also want to check that the seats are up to your comfort standards.
  • Pop the Hood: Lift the hood of your vehicle to confirm that everything appears to be in good condition. While you’re there, take note of things like rust, dirt, and corrosion.

Test Driving Your Used Car

Now that you’ve done an overview of your used car’s condition, it’s time for the all-important test drive.

  • Pay Attention to Any Warning Lights: Check to see if the warning light is warranted by asking your dealer. They’ll be happy to provide you with information about why that is illuminated.
  • Press on the Brakes: Are the brakes responsive when you press on them? Make sure to reach a fairly high speed before testing the brakes, to ensure that they can stop the vehicle quickly. Take note of any squeaking noises.
  • Check the Interior Controls: Turn up the sound and power up the radio to confirm that all the interior gadgets work properly. While you’re at it, test out the windshield wipers and headlights.
  • Push down the accelerator to verify that your used car performs smoothly. Keep an ear out for any screeching or vibrating while at high speeds.
  • Adjust your seat. Make sure that you can easily move your chair forward and backward. That way, you’ll be able to reconfigure your position behind the wheel, if necessary.

Find Your Used Car Today!

At Burns Honda, we want to provide drivers near Marlton, Mount Laurel, and Cherry Hill with the used car buying tips you need to locate the automobile that’s perfect for your family. So, once you’re ready to visit our dealership, remember to bring this Used Car Buying Checklist along with you.

With these insights, you’ll give your next vehicle a full inspection before signing on the dotted line and soaring down your route home. Stop by our showroom or schedule your test drive today!

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